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Forum not a safe connection?

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Hi, since today I've seen an error message while accessing stake that the browser displays for unsafe connections. The error might look similar to this:


Some of you might freak out while seeing this and it is totally understandable, but here are some things that you can do to be sure you are safe.

1. Is this a website you use to visit? If yes, then don't worry that much, you can enter without any problem (will explain later why). If not, then you might consider not entering if you don't know anythibg about the website. If you are sure the site should be safe (from friends, forums, etc.) then you can proceed.

2. Check whether you are connected to the correct website. Some websites might try to make a really good copy of the websites, sometimes you won't even notice, but of course, they can't use stake.com, but might try something like forum.steke.com or forum.stacke.com or any other subtle change some of you might not realise on spot (some of us don't even look at the URLs, this being pretty dangerous). Look twice and once again to be 100% sure it's the correct URL.

3. If it is the first time using a website, check it's reputation. Simply write on google "website review" or "website trust rating" and look what others say about the website. If it mainly looks good, then you can go, but watch out, the good comments aren't the ones you're looking for, but rather negative/neutral ones or the ones that are in a bigger detail. You never want to have a big trust on a website on the first entrance, but rather be a little sceptic.

Okay, now why this is appearing on stake? My guess is that the SSL Certificate expired and the only solvation is for stake to renew it, which shouldn't take long. Does it mean stake has been hacked/started stealing data? No, it's only a warning browsers display for some websites that do not have those Certificates.

Hope I helped you and the ones that saw this error didn't get too scared.

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1 hour ago, williamshennie9 said:

I also get this message - I think the site owner (Eddie lol) just has to renew the certificate with the website hosting company and then it will all be back to normal again :D

It is back to normal already.

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