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[GIVEAWAY] 20 y.o birthday!

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Hey guys! I'm 20 y.o from now on!

Since today is my birthday, and I have a challenge for you guys! 

Total Prize Pool : 124.960 satoshi

1. Rollhunt date of my birthday! [DICE] 

Rollhunt : Hit 21.04 or 19,99! (the three person that get one of these will get 4k satoshi!)  one person, one prize!

But, if you managed to get two of them, you can get 21k satoshi! (for the first person that achieve this!)

Minimum bet : 

BTC 0.00000021 

BCH 0.00000400

LTC :  0.00001999

DOGE : 0.4 

ETH : 0.00000420

Hint, you can use this code created by me : (please use Seuntjie dicebot for this one)

local_target = {21.04,19.99}
chance = 98
nextbet = 0.00000021 --btc (change with your desired balance)
bethigh = false
function dobet()
	for i=1, 2 do
		if lastBet.Roll==local_target[i] then

2. Birthday wishes! 

For the first 40 person in this forum that replying "Happy Birthday, (insert any words/wishes/improvement that I need in here)" will get 1999 satoshi for one entry one person. Don't forget to tell your Stake username too! For the best wishes will get 20k satoshi! 

3. Easter Egg.

So, I'm turned into 20 y.o today. Anyway, my birthday (some country not having a same time) it was 21 April 1999

Clue : If you really watching this thread, from all of aspect, you will know those Bold alphabet means! 10k satoshi prize for the first person who know this!

Note :

  • The prize will be distributed on Monday, 22 April 2019 until Tuesday, 23 April 2019.
  • One person, one entry.
  • The thread will be locked one day after this challenge announced! 
  • You can get two prize for Birthday wishes and Rollhunt date. Do like the instruction said! 
  • You can edit the reply many as you want. Also, you can do for the entries of Easter Egg and Rollhunt.
  • 10+ post count and no ghost mode for the rollhunt.

If you have a question about these challenge, please contact me instead using pm or reply below! 

Winners list

ozcelik06 - Stake username : Ozcelik06
lolland2k - Stake username : lolland2k
Kippo - Stake username : KittKatt
hui - Stake username : hui
SammyA123 - Stake username : SammyA123
Moser - Stake username : Moser
macel10 - Stake username : macel10
davinmark - Stake username : davinmark
artizykristy - Stake username : artizykristy
SEMPAXs - Stake username : SEMPAXs
Vikont123 - Stake username : Vikont123
moneyobzor - Stake username : moneyobzor
Katarina - Stake username : Katarina
zuxel - Stake username : zuxel
ludmilka59 - Stake username : ludmilka59
Lpa1980 - Stake username : Lpa1980
LeXyS777 - Stake username : LeXyS777
zulfandina - Stake username : zulfandina
HighDamage - Stake username : HighDamage
millioner500 - Stake username : millioner500
LKL13 - Stake username : LKL13
Jiesamsoe - Stake username : Jiesamsoe
Anhidema - Stake username : Anhidema
pras111 - Stake username : pras111
wong77 - Stake username : wong77
Menang - Stake username : menang
Pirnitho - Stake username : Pirnitho (winner of Rollhunt entry : 21k satoshi + 1999 satoshi!)
maverick528 - Stake username : maverick528
Himiko - Stake username : Himiko (winner of Rollhunt entry : 4k satoshi + 1999 satoshi!)
jualid - Stake username : jualid
ceastem - Stake username : ceastem
infi - Stake username : infi (winner of Best wishes : 20k satoshi)
HumberRolls - Stake username : HumberRoll
echang426 - Stake username : echang426
chamet - Stake username : chamet
rajapalak - Stake username : rajapalak
LOlzer - Stake username : LOlzer
BMWx7 - Stake username : BMWx7
Okseo122 - Stake username : Okseo122


(special without best wishes prize)
yololife222 - Stake username : yololife222 (winner of easter egg : 10k satoshi)

The prize will be sent after 24h from the topic being locked! (Done)

Thanks for your participation ❣️

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Posted (edited)

Happy Birthday flan hope you will become bigger streamer and get more happier in life 

stake username Kittkatt 

easter guess : Revelation 9:20-21

Edited by Kippo | Forgot username

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Posted (edited)

Happy Birthday Flansca!  Hope you have an awesome day buddy!  Did you just become old enough to drink?  Or is it 18 where you are?  What are your plans for the day?  SammyA123 on Stake and PD :)

Edited by SammyA123

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Posted (edited)

Happy Birthday!  Good luck to your career. God bless you. 😇



Edited by macel10

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Posted (edited)

Happy Birthday Flan wish you all the best and good work at stake and las bless for you is i hope next year you will get S Flansca on your username :)  Stakeusername:artizykristy   Easter Egg its Kartini Days.

Edited by artizykristy

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Posted (edited)

Поздравления с Днем Рождения, желаю вам удачи   stake username  : Vikont123

Edited by Vikont123

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Posted (edited)

Happy Birthday Flanscaa :) . Wish you all the best 

I hope you will be better in the future both health and luck. and hopefully your Live Stream is getting better

Stake Username : HighDamage ^_^

Edited by HighDamage

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you are very young, and you will wish a lot on this day, but I wish you - time, what can not be bought,can not be returned,and can not be stopped)

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