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This is always happen on me,  Maybe someone who play mines have. You get this when push bet button not work,  and the solution is refresh page but thats so anonying,  After refresh when you click 1 box thats automated bomb,  its happen 7 times on me please fix thanks



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Heya, guys 😉

And do you actually have a Mines game open somewhere else? On another browser/device? 

Best way to check this is if you click on the Fairness tab under the game as if you were to change seed and you will see if you actually have any game open and pending there :)

Keep me updated so we could continue to solve this or report if it is persistent 😉

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In my experience, this is caused by clicking the bet button right after a tile with mine had been opened (if you're using hotkeys, you'll experience this most of the time).

To reproduce: Enable hotkeys, start a game, press Q until a mine has been opened, press SPACEBAR or the BET button immediately.

Temporary solution: Click the logo of Stake (that leads to the main page, the site won't need to refresh/reload) then go back to Mines.

P.S. If this bug happened, the displayed balance doesn't get deducted, but in reality, it has been (that is the bet for bet for the open game).

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