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the highest I hit so far was a 42kx on a 5k satoshi bet. Since a couple of weeks I am trying to chase 100k+ multipliers on hilo but so far without result. But I must admit I am only trying with small basebets just for fun. One day I love to see I hit a combo which results in a 1 million x multiplier or higher.

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the highest multiplier in the stake is quite good because it has a variety of payouts ranging from the lowest to the biggest that I know about 6,000,000 payouts is not that extraordinary, to payout in the following games stake list that I already know:
Dadu - 9900x

Plinko - 1000x high

Keno - high risk 9-10 tiles 1000x

Mine - can reach up to 6,000,000 million payouts

Hilo - not max as fast as I know ... I cash out or bust

Limbo - 6,000,000x

Video poker - get royal flush (800x)

wheel - 50x
for other games I don't know for the future I will give the latest info.
thank you😎

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Although, there is a site which calculates multipliers of mines, just google something like mines multiplier calculator. There is one for HiLo aswel. I mean these games have the option to exceed 1m payout(plus limbo but there isnt such a calculator for limbo).

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