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4 hours ago, laron said:

yes, I think it's the right choice, but there are still many who do it by using a message as a beggars tool, but usually after we appear on highroller there is an attack like that

Feeding beggars? nah. no way! how u can do that lol 

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Personally I found that being friendly and polite on the Chat goes a long ways in building

friendship. Usually I get people asking me to accept friends just by being nice to others.

Remember, just have fun. The positive results will come. Cheers! 👽

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On 4/25/2019 at 5:25 PM, FotisNt said:

Yeah I know that xDD, I'm talking about friend requests, once you'll exceed 50 then you cant send new ones. So lets say that you got like 50 pending, then you're not able to add new people or something.

Oh okay i though that you were talking about you not being able to remove your friends from the list , yeah stake needs to allow people to add more than 50 players .

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