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Good evening, Players, Moderators, Support, Developers and a very good evening to you too Edward.

So lets get started, Edward are you here?


Telegram has become a desire for abuse. Alt accounts, spammers, bet ID scammers and a general pool for creating a unmentionable chat room which actually freezes my laptop due to the unnecessary spam your events are creating. As of the entire of this week, I've been watching closely for 7 days to see whether your Telegram has actually improved, sadly, you have reached your climax.

This is what happened to discord. But not to mention that there was no spam, very less used alts and a heck of a lot more fun for the users. It actually provided a loyalty scheme for those who remained loyal to Stake.

Is there any need for this Spam Edward? To reward alts? To reward scammers?

I can't tell you just enough how much it's pissing off the players and mods and also Support I reckon. Moderators and Support should not have to undergo a whole hour of intense muting each day so that very few can actually win from your events. 


Isn't the whole idea of these giveaways to generate a great community which will continue to remain loyal rather then to waste thousands of ETH dollars to those who will just take the money and run?

The business concept is wrong, thus I will state, you and Brais would rather reward alts free money coupons in Email rather then reward a little better in discord for those who remained loyal. I want you to open your eyes Edward, players are not enjoying sitting in a discord server for 3 hours for $1.00. Edward owns 2 websites - (Stake, Primedice) which are very known to the crypto world. $1.00 kind of sets a bad example for a major company.


Please listen to my view Edward, you have always valued others opinion, now it's time to view my opinion and state what you really want?


Best, DB.



Simple solution which will present less abuse, less spam and a more enjoyable experience for the players that have remained loyal to Stake:


  • Better prizes more frequently.

You may stake that we just want more money?


Well yes and no, a more desirable amount would actually create more enjoyment for the players in discord. It would liven up the chat room. People would chat much more, believe me. There would be incentive to actually use the server because currently, the way it was left, no one enjoy's sitting in a server which is no longer desirable.


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