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Im sure users as welll as my self would love to know more about these stars that are being awarded. What do they mean? How do you get one? and is there a coupon prize waiting for you if you do have an "bronze silver gold star chat ion?" and please add any other information you think we might like to know about this new feature.

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Hey there, Leo!

The new stars are being awarded when you reach a certain level of VIP. I can't tell much about it at the moment, since we are waiting for an official forum post where it will be explained in more detail ;) 

And no, there is no coupon to claim when you get the star. 😜 

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Posted (edited)

Thought it was a fairly new thing which I noticed all the sudden pop up next to several other people's names in the chat and nobody knew what they were at first.

I posted the question last night under customer resources to see if anybody had any information about it and somebody posted a link to the benefits page.

So when there is any more information about these vip levels and what benefits they provide I would think this is where they would be posted.

Cheers to those who received their stars! :D

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