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Video Poker Updates & Giveaway!

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The World's First Video Poker AutoBetting is here!

Before we talk about giveaways and AutoBetting I'd like to give my explanation of the new Video Poker Suggestions update. This update eliminates the entry barrier to make bets with the lowest house edge and offers the highest probability to profit.


You will see a new box titled Suggestions under the green Bet button.


After I check this box off the game will now highlight the cards I should hold in yellow.


Following the Suggestions will give me the highest probability to profit on Video Poker. This is because it will guarantee I'm playing the game perfectly in situations where it might not be obvious what to do. In the photo above, the game is telling me the best thing I can do right now given these 5 cards is hold the Ace & Queen of Spades. This gives me the widest chance to win because I can get 1-2 pairs or possibly even a straight or royal flush.


Unfortunately a loss for me that one, but I'm still satisfied knowing I made the best possible decision and played with the highest probability to profit & win.


The World's First Video Poker AutoBetting!


You will also see a new feature for AutoBetting on Video Poker! Once you begin AutoBetting the game will play for you and automatically make the best possible decisions.


And now for the moment you've all been waiting for that I hope you didn't scroll past everything else to get to...THE GIVEAWAY! The giveaway, let's utilise these new feature for it. How about a Video Poker video giveaway? 


How to Win

Record a video of yourself using the AutoBet feature on Video Poker. The top 10 highest multipliers in post order will win a prize!



  • AutoBet must be running in your video during the win. You can then crop out the section of bets where the win happened.
  • The minimum bet is 1 Dogecoin or equivalent value
  • Edited posts are disqualified. No exceptions
  • Commentating & cams are welcomed but not required
  • 1 entry per person. 20 post count minimum
  • Upload your video to YouTube and then post it here
  • Video title - Stake.com Video Poker AutoBet



1st - $50

2nd - $45

3rd - $40

4th -$35

5th - $30

6th - $25

7th - $20

8th - $15

9th - $10

10th - $5


This thread will be locked May 14th at 4 pm GMT

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3 hours ago, coeghacked said:

can i ask ? can we record this for a long time and make the video run quickly without cutting the scene in the slightest ?

You can speed up the video but it can't be so fast it causes difficulty to figure out what's going on. Good idea everyone for tagging the time in your videos. Let's try not to pass a couple minutes per video

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Stake username : flansca
50x payout - straight flush. (timer 0:55 - end)

I just ranting over straight flush and you know that, right? 😄

Already cropped into 1 minute video, before was 40 minutes non-stop overcommenting them.

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