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Binary and Unilevel MLM Software in Malaysia

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Binary MLM software in Malaysia

The MLM Binary plan is most popular MLM plan among the MLM companies, MLM business individuals, part-timers, network marketers and all other members who want to start their MLM business. The concept of Binary MLM plan is based on two legs network growth whereas one on left side and another on right side. When one person joins the network, he/she introduce new joiners either on left or right side in the Binary Tree Structure, where one side is referred to power leg and another side is profit leg.

Advantages of Binary MLM Plan

When a new member joins the network, all up line get benefitted by binary points.
A member's up line recruits new members under the down line, the process is called spillover and the new member placed into the leaf position into the binary tree through which down lines power leg increases.
You just need to concentrate on the profit leg to get benefits in the binary plan.
The Binary MLM Plan is a team efforts business where up-line sales give the benefits to their down-line.

Check out below-mentioned features of our company that helped in gaining customer's trust and meeting their expectations,

1) 24*7 customer support for software.
2) Highly professional, committed towards work.
3) Reliable and easy to understand software service.
4) In-depth experience of latest tools and technology.
5) Customized MLM software services based on client needs.

Unilevel MLM Softwares in Malaysia

Unilevel compensation plan is an organizational structure deployed as software by Marketing or Multi-level marketing companies, when its business model prefers to sponsor as many distributors as they can without any limitation whereby placing all of them as their frontline. However, rather than advancing and breaking away everyone is paid the same commission rates. That’s where the term unilevel comes from, as everyone is on the same level. In an unilevel pay plan, you are paid a certain number of levels deep into your organization – usually 5 to 8 levels. Some plans require you to advance in rank before you can be paid on all levels, while some will increase your compensation as you advance. Unlike a stair-step plan, none of your downline will ever break away from you in a unilevel plan.

Unilevel Compensation Plan is among the oldest plan in the multi-level marketing industry with his proven records. The overall structure of this plan is very much easy to understand and operate. As the name suggests it only allows you to support one line of distributors, so everyone you support is frontline. There is no limit to the number of people you support in your frontline and the commissions are normally paid on limited depth or so on. So the main idea of this plan is to hire a large number of frontline distributors and then ask them to do the same. Unilevel Compensation Plan is a very much promising plan to make money but it can become a hassle if you don’t have the right tool to operate it, so to manage all that we have got the right kind Unilevel Compensation Plan Software.

Advantages of Unilevel MLM Software

A distributor can have unlimited sub-distributors. Each sub-distributors can have unlimited distributors under them. Like this MLM Unilevel pan is limit less plan in Multi Level Marketing. It is very easy to understand and easy to operate. The compensation calculations are less complex and distributors have the opportunity of getting unlimited earning. The MLM software has key role in managing Unilevel MLM plan. An efficient and accurate software solution is helpful to manage the Unilevel MML business effortlessly. The accuracy and computation power of a software is big factor when the business grows. With the help of a full featured Unilevel MLM software, the business team can grow their business to enterprise level. The transparency and real time result will build the customer trust and brings higher customer satisfaction.



Thanks for reading our content. For further details please do visit our website mentioned below:



289 Old Klang Road,
Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 58100




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