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NBA Lottery Giveaway!

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🏀 NBA Lottery Giveaway! 🏀

With Sportsbook coming soon, let’s start wetting the appetite with another sports betting based giveaway! Well, let’s give away some money!

The NBA Lottery is just a few days away - who will receive the number 1 pick?

All teams that didn’t make the NBA Playoffs this season are eligible for the NBA Lottery, with each team having a chance of winning the number 1 pick - who we assume will be Zion Williamson.


Here are the chances and odds for each team:

New York Knicks: 14% chance
Cleveland Cavaliers: 14% chance
Phoenix Suns: 14% chance
Chicago Bulls: 12.5% chance
Atlanta Hawks: 10% chance
Washington Wizards: 9% chance
New Orleans Pelicans: 6% chance
Memphis Grizzlies: 6% chance
Dallas Mavericks: 6% chance
Minnesota Timberwolves: 3% chance
Los Angeles Lakers: 2% chance
Charlotte Hornets: 1% chance
Miami Heat: 1% chance
Sacramento Kings: 1% chance


How to win

You need to comment who you think is going to receive the number 1 pick in the NBA Lottery! The payout for each team is $200, which will be split between all players who vote for the correct team!

Will you vote for a team with a bigger chance of winning to potentially win less? Or will you take the risk and pick a team that nobody else will, because their chances are quite low?

Example: If Phoenix (14%) win and 10 people pick them, every player will receive $20 each! If Sacramento (1%) win and 2 people pick them, each player will receive $100!


  • 30 post count or higher
  • No editing posts
  • 1 guess per person
  • Pick 1 team and post it in a comment

You have until Wednesday at 12:30 am GMT to pick your team!

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