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I had 5 tats but 3 of them was on my hand and they faded away, now I have only 2 tats, one of them is pink and it means Idgf ( in japanese) and the other one is blue and it means death (in  kanji)
probably gonna get crybaby on my arm somewhere this week ( i am crybaby and i just want people to know that i am xD) and i like outline and  flash tattoos ( by flash i mean those small ones like stickers) gonna make ma whole body in outline/flash depressing tattoos  and japanese words :D

Do you have like any tattoos?  
whats you favorite style?
Do you plan on getting any?
And finally please give me some depressing/sad tattoos so i can get them on me xD 

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I don't have any tattoo right now but I am planning to have at least one in the future. I want one that will be inked somewhere in my hand so that I can always see it, just something minimal and simple but meaningful to me. I haven't decided on what the design is but it surely is connected to subject of "Self Love" "Keep Going" "Don't Give Up".

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On 5/16/2019 at 4:29 AM, neich said:

i can not count how many tattoos i have...

i think its something between 25 & 30 :D


AMazing. You are a big fan of tattoo.

Maybe in your country it's normal for people to make tattoos on all limbs.

In my country, few people have tattoos. Oh yeah, from what age did you start tattooing your body?

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