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Supposed I win or Not

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Last telegram chalange...

wheel, i didnt know if there is a new 'chalange chatroom'

so i only posted my bet id in English chatroom

so, what do you think? am i win or not?

my betid :Wheel: 5,568,199,777

Our 10 Wheel challenges winners!

1) Ahgel25 Wheel: 5,568,032,777
2) Urnut Wheel: 5,568,038,777
3) slasher555 Wheel: 5,568,163,777
4) nhoyasim101 Wheel: 5,568,218,777
5) ozcelik06 Wheel: 5,568,253,777
6) Kongfu Wheel: 5,568,309,777
7) martianarmy Wheel: 5,568,311,777
😎 keemar Wheel: 5,568,416,777
9) convex Wheel: 5,568,470,777
10) Trivia Wheel: 5,568,510,777



I am not challenging but I want to express my sadness. @Dan, @Edward, @Steve


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yes, most time i only read after "Today's Challange" words

anyway molecule said it start since 4days ago.. i didnt know it -_-'

you know its hard to win challange against 1k+ accs, 

and will be more sad if suppose win but not win 

maybe not big matter for you but it means alot for me :/

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sorry to hear this @kasim

really sad situation since its very difficult to compete with too many players and hit the winning ID but not awarded bcs of just changed the channel rules which even i just noticed after reading your message lol. i did not aware of it before..  (probably i would not be awarded too incase i hitted and send ID to English chat as well since we all used to look only how many "minutes" later challange info to be posted in telegram group and when its annonced we see rules that to be "in English chat room" as it was as usual)

from this we understand, challange annoncement info can be copy&paste but need to read more and more carefuly previous notice of counting down message :) 

my opinion and hoping stake may want to do compensation of your winning...

good luck

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Been waiting about 24 hours for you to respond to me lol @kasim

And technically it is a loss because we've been doing it like this for days and you cut out the paragraph explaining the room and I've seen you in the challenges room before so you did know but respond to my message

Edit: I really don't consider this a win because I believe there was plenty of notice and announcements even with the 1 word typo but I decided to count this as an 11th win because a valid argument is possible

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