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Me again, so far the Auto Pick is giving me good results when the different patterns I use are not having green results.  As usual, when I hit more than 6 reds in a row with my patterns I switch to auto pick which is 10 numbers and play whit that.  3 or 4 hits with same pattern and then I go back to clear screen and set my own patterns.  That is giving me good results so far, but you know, at the very end is all about luck.  My opinion. 

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It just doenst matter in general , but when you choose your numbers, you have better feeling from that you win because of u choosen those numbers :D

Or maybe some conspiracy might occur in your might if you let casino to choose your numbers that they want you to lose :D 

but it really doesnt matter at all :) 

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On 7/10/2019 at 4:32 PM, cryptofly said:

Auto-pick has become a good option for me as I usually choose among three or four constant patterns, but happens once in a while, no, I should say happens many times, that my patterns did not gives me the result I want and then I go and click that button.  I don`t take the first one in screen, I try to choose one that fits my lucky sense and gamble with it, and guess what?  I have been doing well with that auto pick options.  Is incredible but true.  So, for me is reliable and if the patterns you choose are not giving green results I strongly recommend to use it.  I like Keno very much, is may second favorite game.  Good luck.

yeah i as well use autopick pretty much all of the time. I see nothing wrong with using it at all. in fact one time i wrote a bot that would autopick and place a bet then autopick again and place a bet, so it would be brand new 10 numbers each bet!

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