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[FlanTwitch's Stream] Giveaway-Bitcoin-Stake2!

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Hello Stakers! FlanTwitch Stream is here! 😎 

Giveaway I held in this stream : 

  • For the first 3 person that having highest FlanPoints will be rewarded for 10k each person. You need to be present at the stream also.
  • Having giveaway at twitter, for $10 worth of bitcoin in here : https://twitter.com/FlanTwitch/status/1131451456031154176
  • Each 7 minutes giveaway at the stream by typing the keyword that being given by Flantwitch_bot.

I do a Stream at every Thursday GMT+0, 1.00 PM-3.00PM 

Make sure to hang out here and win some crypto by watching my stream! 🤑

Also, reply this thread in order to join a forum giveaway! One user, one entry or will be disqualified. (also you need to be present at that time when I'm rolling the giveaway, 2.50PM - 3.00 PM.)

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Flansca i missed you~ ill be waiting for your stream 😁

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