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Which are your favorite Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

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I personally do use Shapeshift on occasion if I need to swap one currebcy to another rather quickly, their fees are pretty reasonable and they are usually fast.  Coinbase now offers exchanges from one coin to another without any fees.  As far as typical exchanges, I generally just use Binance.

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Currently prefer Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/dashboard as i have been using this exchange since 2014. It never let me down and i had full support when i needed even if the Support had to take some time to reply me of course. I would still be patient and wait for their answer. Also you have Phone Number if you need to contact them.

It has a vast diversity of alt coins including Bitcoin as well at your disposal. It's easy to buy / sell at any time with some fees to keep the company sustained.

You should also verify as exchanges between buy / sell are instant and without limitations.

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15 hours ago, Leo97 said:

I usually trading with binance and cryptopia (most) 

But cryptopia recently got hacked and doesn't look too good anymore.

Anyway, I usually use my country's provided exchanger since it can exchange to our local currency. I usually change it out to our local currency when the price is high and not to other coins so that the price won't change that much. Right now I'm hodling and will exchange on the next bull run, not on the current one even if it reaches 10k usd :D 

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