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What kind of coffee do you drink??

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before I couldn’t imagine my life without coffee. but then I realized that because of the heavy use of caffeine, my heart beats irregularly and it scared me. I started looking on the Internet for the cause of this problem and the way out of the solution. thanks to https://iytmed.com/normal-heart-rate-age/ iytmed.com I did it. now my heart is running like clockwork

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I know that this could sound a little weird, but I drink only cold brew coffee. From my point of view, it's tastier than a normal one. Also, I've read on https://coffeespiration.com/, that is more beneficial for our health a cold coffee than a hot one. Anyway, everyone decides for themselves. So, after reading some articles, I've decided to buy a cold brew coffee maker. Now, I became a little addicted to it. I can't start the day without drinking a tasty cold coffee. You should try to start your days with this type of coffee.

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