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Champions League Final giveaway!

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When will the first goal be scored? 

The UEFA Champions League Final is here! It’s the biggest game on the soccer calendar, so why not give away some more money?

It looks to be a mouthwatering clash between two English heavyweights, Liverpool and Tottenham. And all you have to do is pick when the first goal will be scored!


Here’s how it’s going to work:
Pick the segment you think the first goal will be scored in by replying to this thread. The jackpot for each segment is listed below:

*1st min -15th min:* $150
*16th min - 30th min:* $130
*31st min - End of the first half:* $160
*Start of the first half - 60th min:* $170
*61st min - 75th min:* $180
*76th min - End of regular time:* $190
*Extra time:* $195
*No goal until penalties:* $200

*please note* The goal will stand and will be counted in accordance with UEFA. That is, if the goal is scored at 17:65, it will be the 18th minute.

The jackpot will be split between all players who pick the correct segment!



The first person to comment the exact time (to the second) that the first goal is scored, will win a prize of $10! This time will be determined by the second the whole ball crosses the line. This is not a prediction, we just want to see who has the fastest fingers and can tell us when the first goal is scored!

So, watch the game and let us know the second that the first goal goes in!



  • 30 post count or higher
  • No editing posts
  • 1 guess per person
  • Pick 1 segment and post it in a comment
  • No making guesses for the bonus prize 

You have until Saturday 1st June at 6pm GMT to pick your segment!


Special thanks to @Jarrod for this giveaway!

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