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How safe is your gambling? - An online 5 minute test/tool I found

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I found this online tool which you can try out in case you were wondering if your gambling is problematic, or to gauge the severity of the potential problem.

Ill link up a screen shot at the result which I got... lol its not pretty, but then again I wasnt expecting anything else...

Dont feel at all like you have to share your results or anything, i just wanted to show some of you who might think its interesting to try out.

its a couple minute test you take and it yields you some results like below.

I hope you all take care of yourselves!

here is the link: https://gamtest.se/v3/gamcare



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so you think yoru living in the real world do you? perhaps this is all a simulation... 

but really, the test questions are actually to answer the criterion for being diseased with the addiction  or not. so its not all a simulation =P

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43 minutes ago, bmg said:

I would say that 95%  of the players at stake have a gambling problem.  But not me so I'll take the test lol.


 i wouldnt be surprised lol... maybe not as much is possible, but a large amount for sure, i just have the feeling lol

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5 minutes ago, jinz said:

I took the test and my result says "There is a clearly increased risk that you may develop problems from your gambling."

I might look for other sites like this to see more "diagnosis" of my gambling. 😄

: ) glad  i piqued your interest in it, by the way i found this one too if you want to check it out.

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This really got my attention! Thanks for sharing, though this isnt like the solution to gambling addiction problems it is a good food for thought and in a few ways helpful in helping someone reflect and take a step back to look at their life and see how gambling is affecting it. 

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