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6 Billion Bets! (Special Telegram Challenge)

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As you probably remember, we recently celebrated our 5th billionth bet. Not much time has passed and we're already closing in on 6 billion bets so let's celebrate with a special challenge! The moment we hit 6 billion bets this challenge will start no matter what time it is!


What's going to be different about this challenge?

  • 2x the winners! (20 winners instead of 10)
  • Over 2 ETH minimum in prizes!
  • The first & last person to win will receive an additional prize!
  • This challenge will be a bonus and won't count as the daily challenge!

At the time of writing this we're currently at ~5,942,000,000 bets so it won't be too much longer until 6 billion!


Don't miss out on this special Telegram challenge!

Join here: https://t.me/StakeCasino


I don't think anyone was expecting 6 billion bets to come this quickly after we just celebrated 5 billion bets so I want to give a special thanks to the community for making Stake grow as quickly as it is! This is a great group of people we have here and because of all of you Stake has truly become the most unique casino experience online for the staff and the players! ❤️


There's also another event at 6 billion bets where you can win up to 1 BTC! Check it out here


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