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Annoying issues when playing on Mobile.

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As per my thread title, there have been a couple of issues with the Mobile version of Stake. 

If you are experiencing other issues, please add them to this thread as well. 


Intermittent Flashing on Autoplay

Firstly, there is a graphical glitch of sorts when Autoplay mode is activate on the following games: Diamond Poker, Baccarat.

I have tried turning off animations/instant bet and it still hasn’t fixed the issue. I am unable to see what are the cards/gems that are revealed as the screen flashes intermittently.


No Sound after switching tabs

Secondly, if I am on Stake and I switch tabs, then return a moment later, I often find myself playing without any sound even though no settings have been changed.  A simple refresh fixes this but I just though I’d highlight it. 


Auto-Zoom on Double-Tap

Last but not least, the problem of zooming in on multiple taps on the screen needs to be fixed as it’s probably the most annoying issue for Mobile players, disallowing quick manual bets during Challenges/RollHunts. 


Technical Information

• Device: iPhone XR running iOS 12.2

• Browser: Default Safari



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I don't really like it when playing stake in phone mode, because it's very difficult to interact with other players in the chatroom even if you use web mode on your cellphone the writing will look very small, I just use the laptop to play in the stake

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Try to change browser, google chrome or Mozilla.. zooming is safari's problem not stake.. hehe 


And adding to stake mobile.. 


I hate the design of the new version.. because they put 2x button besides bet button ..  so i always accidentally pressing 2x instead of bet button.. 


And they dont have auto pick and clear in keno .. manual picking and manual clearing, kinda hassle

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