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Re-Launch Giveaway Season 1

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Hello everyone!

It's time to say goodbye to gambling, it's time to greet giving away and becoming more productive once again with the community of Stakers!


  • Comment to Enter for and win some prize pool money!
  • Valuable comments when you are posting, please relate to the Giveaway or Stake.
  • Do not enter twice - (this means double posting) nor use multi accounts, you will all be caught, we track players before distribution.
  • Post count must be or have exceeded 30 - if your post count is under this requirement, your post will be considered - invalid.
  • Winners will be displayed at the end of the duration time which is stated below at the bottom post.
  • Post Warnings will disqualify you from this event (This depends on what you did, however - I might allow your entry)
  • Prize List Displayed Below - please look below to see what is up for Grabs:

Please note read the rules above in order to participate. Fail to do so may result in deletion of your comment and possible Post warnings Points for attempted fraud. Please be very careful not to post twice in these events.

Prize List:


  • If 1-20 Players Enter: 0.01 ETH
  • If 21-35 Players Enter:  0.02 ETH 
  • If 36-49 Players Enter: 0.04 ETH 
  • If 50 + Players Enter: 0.06 ETH


Do you like these events? Shout out and let me know!


This event will conclude on Monday 10th June 2019 at 20:00 UK time.


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Greetings @DarkBlood069,

It's nice that you have put a stop to it (if it was an addiction) and thanks for this giveaway. What's the reason that you have officially retired, if I may ask. I have not personally known you but hope you had a great time here and in other casinos. :) 

There's an end to everything. Best wishes to all your future endeavors! :D Tc

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Glad to see you back! It's been a while since I last joined your giveaways... They have always been fun so I'm excited for this one as well. Saw that you won a little because of the 170x plinko, hopefully the good luck streak lasts as long as possible. 😄

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