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$5000 Stake Race starting soon! 100 winners!

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At exactly 12:00pm GMT a $5000 Stake Race will begin! This event will last 1 hour (until 1:00pm GMT) and will have 100 winners! We have less than 1.5 hours to prepare so you won't want to waste another minute!


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  • Make a few bets during the race so you're assigned a place
  • Take a screenshot of the Races info screen and post it here
  • Post your pictures when the race is at least half way over
  • 5 people will be selected to win $3 each!



If you can't find this picture click one of these two spots!


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Posted (edited)

10 minutes til race time!
Good luck, everyone!! 

Edit: Race is a little more than halfway over. 


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