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hardware wallets safe?

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It's safer than online wallet, but more safer if you have paper wallet as backup. Remember, if you lost your hardware wallet you can restore your wallet with privat key.

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hardware wallets are by far the safest way to store your crypto. As long as you never ever share your private key and that you keep enough copies of you private key on written papers than practically nothing can happen. even when you loose your hardware wallet the person who finds it. If you loose your hardware wallet you only need the passphrase to restore your wallet with a new device. 

the only important thing is make enough written copies of your passphrase. Never store a copy on your phone by taking a picture of it or adding a file on your pc or laptop. Only make sure that you have a spare device like a ledger or Trezor at home. I personally have 5 brand new ledgers and 3 trezors at home. so if my device gets broken or gets lost/stolen I can instantly get back acces to my coins with a new device

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