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How did you come across gambling & what makes it fun?

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one day i just found in fb for slot game can play online so i intresting and i checking on it. than i found one of site with list of online gambling site and i found stake :D. so i coming here and start testing to gamble at online. as for me i can get new friend and i can play everytime what i want is really fun to me gamble in here.

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As soon as I read about Bitcoin, it was a long time ago, Bitcoin cost one hundred and eighty dollars ... I started collecting satoshi on the site  Freebitcoin ... started playing there ... It was a hobby ...) But interest quickly disappeared ... )) I regret it ... At that time it was much easier to earn bitcoins ....

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On 6/11/2019 at 9:42 PM, OverRaz said:

Well, let's talk a little bit about gambling shall we?

When did i start gambling:

I started gambling 3-4 years around april when CS:GO Gambling was very huge.

How i got into gambling:

I came across a recommended video that showed someone winning dragon lores and different items through jackpot with a very low percentage, so i asked myself why don't i try the same thing with my $8 skin..?

It went pretty well in the start got up to $50 and ended up losing and got upset about it, hahaha. And that is when ladies and gentleman my addiction began..

What makes gambling fun:

Well, let's be honest we all like making money don't we? But keep in mind gambling isn't just about winning, people end up losing their business, house, and almost everything cause of this.

Gladly, i wouldn't consider myself a VERY addicted person, i gamble when i'm bored & obviously always gamble with money you can afford to lose.

At the end of the day, gambling is all about having fun and wasting time, it's not always about winning money.

I came across gambling probably like five years ago when my friend had downloaded a program onto my computer and left it there.   I opened it up and I was like well hmm.   So I started to do my research and than stumbled upon bitcoin !!!!   Which is when I learned about bitcoin sites.  

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On 6/12/2019 at 4:34 AM, sheenazbay said:

gambling is not only related to pleasure. Gambling is a disease of society that has taken root in various parts of the world. Initially only testing luck but after one try, each player will try again and again. This is what is called gambling addiction where no one wants to lose. In fact, even defeat does not make them deterrent to playing it. Even though the defeat they experienced has been mounting, like there is a magnet that attracts them to return to the next gambling arena. On this basis, don't be surprised if the gambler never stops.

Agree with your comments . gambling makes us addicted. Even if you win or lose, the next day you will continue to gamble

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Gambling is everything for me as of now.

I started my gambling from June 2018.
I just leave my job in month of May 2018, i don't want to do job.
so i m finding way to earn something online while sitting at home without investment. 

Hopefully i got stake.com and got my first two payout were within two days 0.002 eth and  0.012 eth. (earn from faucet)
Later i invest from my pocket and what happen i loose all my money around 1eth. 

I started struggling in my life due to gambling. (from july 2018 till may 2019)  (i loose around 2-3 eth in this period) i have only this much money left with me.

From June 2019 i decided to stop investing and play from rains and faucets.
now my earning is slow but happy to say that i m not doing losses as i m not investing any penny from pocket.
I already withdrawn around 300 usd from june 2019.  hopefully continue same.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/15/2019 at 2:39 PM, cryptonesiac said:

The excitement in gambling to me is to find a way on breaking the system... They say the house always wins, I have other hopes ;)

Any way, Stake makes it fun to hang around, because of the many challenges

I think they are right. the dealer always wins. I see very few people win by gambling. If the dealer loses, the site will surely be closed

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