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Rain. Something is up.

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Rain, rain, and rain.

I have created this account of 10th july 2019. i.e. 15 day agao.
I even not received rain single time.
i already wager so much and active in chat but not receiving rain.

what should i do.

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Hey there buddy!

I have had this same problem happen to me before. I went over 25 days without receiving a single one. It was very annoying. But I think I know the problem on as why it doesn't credit you for rains. 

I found out that not depositing for a while makes you not get the rains. And also.... Wagering is a sole key on to why you do not get them. I started to deposit again and wager a ton and I got them back! 

So give it a go... Deposit a couple of times and make sure you're wagering and typing in chat every single day many of times a day! 

But yeah that's my solution... Have a great day guys! Good luck stakers ❤️

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Hey guys and girls.  

Wondering if others have noticed anything with the rain.

I used to recieve several rains per day. Now I've only recieved 1 rain in the last 34 days.  

Did I somehow get banned from rain? Is it because Im using mobile?

Not that rain is the most important thing, however it is nice to recieve and incentive to play at Stake.  

Quite disappointing.

Try to chat as much as possible, not just constructive spam and not 2 word messages, try to wager more on your phone too, then your rain luck might increase, has happened similar to me, but it fixed.

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