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There are a couple riskfree betting opportunities.... but not in casino games. I have been in sportsbetting for a couple years and I am using arbitrage and value betting software. Both are some kind of riskfree betting. cause in arbitrage you bet on bot outcomes of a game on different platforms which give you a guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome of the game is. the profits aren't that huge but 1-3% profits on a bet are very common. So this is not a sensational way to make consistent profits but well in the longrun you will make consistent profits.

I have been looking for some way of riskfree betting on casino games but it just is not possible. So that's why I became a little bit inventive and found a way to bet riskfree on gambling. Its an indirect way but riskfree is riskfree 😂

Couple months ago I opened a special trading account and put 1,000$ into the account. This account I do not use for any other purpose than gambling. So every profit I make in this account go 100% to gambling. In this way I do not have to put up my own money for gambling but I use the profits I make with that trading account. On average I make about 10% profits on a weekly basis. that's about 100$ I withdraw on Saturday and deposit it to my stake account.

As soon as I make about 25-50$ profits with that 100 then I withdraw the 100 back to my trading account and start trading with 1100$ and keep the 25-50$ for gambling. In this way I am gambling entirely risk free.


And in my opinion this is the only possible way to bet risk free on casino games 🤣

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5 minutes ago, bozazitz said:

care to explain this part?

1-3% was when I explained the arbitrage betting. you can bet riskfree on sports by applying arbitrage betting. Most common arb bets are with a 1-3% and sometimes up to 5% profits on the bet. So if you put 500$ in an arbitrage bet you will make between 5 and 25$ profits

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Well as long you cashout or withdraw your profits without bustin and wasting your money then it's always a risk free... In every game aspect.

If you are talking about risk free in not losing most of your money ofc.

Was i clear in understanding your topic statement?

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Nice explaination on the sportsbetting arbitrage betting that is often used but across several sportsbooks to minimize risk almost to none. :)

I think betting with free money / bet is always a welcomed thing by everyone. :P

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The thing is sport betting is totally different from online casino games. Gambling is not risk free, but the risk faced with sport betting is lower than the risk faced with casinos.

The sport betting there are games you have to wait for 3 to 4 days before the outcome, in casino games, it is almost instant. In sport betting, there are a lot of human effects, which can make the outcome of those games shift to your favour. In casino games, you can't beat the system for long unless you are the system yourself.

Nice strategy with what you said up there, but if it was that easy with casino games, stake would be closed down by next week.

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