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Recent blog post giveaway!

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Read the riddle below and see if you can solve it! The first 10 people to post the correct answer will win $3! I'll give you a clue to help start things out. The riddle is based around this post! (click it)


And now some words from @Jarrod

Hidden within our latest blog post there is an answer to a nice riddle.

Will the clue be at the beginning, or in the middle?

The winner will receive a bonus on Stake.

Make sure you read closely, don’t make a mistake!

There’s something we did, not so long ago.

We didn’t make too much of a fuss about it, although.

There was a scene on social media.

If you’ve got it already, you’re a walking encyclopaedia!

We sent you an email, with a special gift

We’ve cut some old gameplay adrift!

The email featured a Jamaican star

Gary can now beat him, it’s bizarre.

Make sure you look at our changes in our blog post

If you’ve already guessed it, feel free to boast.

The answer is in there

For the next blog post, you’ll need to prepare.



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