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Mathematical Formula for Online Roullete.

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9 hours ago, bozazitz said:

mostly a scam, watch out buddy

Yes, Better keep my eyes away from those temp

9 hours ago, Shaniqua said:

dont waste your time with those.anyways dont waste your money on stuff like that i like to think it should be foudn doe free as well.... think at least

Thanks. 👌 Someone emailed me as well, offering the same shit

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you have pay for info.. but a sure thing or guarantee..basically facts and  not theory.. even with calculations.. the odds are 36 and  1 for you number to hit,, unless you bet more numbers and multiple drops.,. just play the game and get the hang of it.. is better off if you make your own strategy that will work for you.. the more time you play the game the more you understand it.. but since your playing online there will be certain ways to bet and a couple are not included.. 

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40 minutes ago, iamsheikhadil said:

Never buy anything based on gambling. If that stuff worked, they would themselves be rich and wouldn't need to sell to you.

Gambling is 100% random. No prediction possible at all :)

Absolutely correct. Same with the idea, if there stuff worked,, then there will be lots of bankrupt casinos 

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Firstly its most probably a scam if they are going out of their way to email people to sell this strategy. 

Secondly their may be a strat with a 99.9% win, but that will either be with a huge bank roll or with a very very small payout. Maybe say 1.07x. That case you may need to bet hundreds of thousands of bets and eventually find that 0.1% and lose everything. 

Sure they may work for a while for some and they'll be so happy and people may commend their "strategy" but it only depends on your luck. So you might as well make your own strats. It's not hard and also try shuffling maybe, so hopefully after many many rolls you don't lose on one strat after winning so much. idk. 

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Well for those who say this is a scam. I was actually one of those almost hiting the 99.99% when i played Test Drive Unlimited 2 Casino :P

Just because you can be mostly between 4 sells where you put the chip in the middle of them.

Nevertheless at Stake we can not put like that.

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23 hours ago, ivan19911991 said:

I stumbled on one gambling website wherein a company posted that they have a 99.9% winning Mathematical Formula that could beat RNG, Odds, etc in Roullete? but ofcourse, there is a monetary value for their service. Does it really works or its another form of scam?

You are not going to overcome the house edge, so total scam.  Think about it, if such a system was possible then they would take it to every casino, use it, and be richest people in the world.  All you can really do is hope that you are lucky or that variance breaks for you for awhile and you are smart enough to quit while you are ahead.  Those are all hard enough.

Remember also that on Stake roulette, even though it is only single 0, has a 2.7% house edge, versus 1% for most other games, so it is especially tough to win on.

Good Luck!

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i know many ways you can use to earn some money for free but ofc you have the chance of losing everything after a while, then remember that every time you play you have 50-50 %, that means you can roll under 50 for 1000 times and win every single time

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