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How to enable 2FA

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Here is a tutorial for new users to help a bit on enabling 2 factor protection. 

In order to add an additional layer of protection to your account (and we highly recommend it), please follow the next steps.

  1. Download Authy to your mobile device.
  2. Login to your Stake account, open Settings > Two factor to find your QR code (or simply click here: https://stake.com/settings/two-factor). It will look like this:


        3. Now open Authy, click on 3 dots in the top right corner, and than on Add account. 

        4. Click on Scan QR code.

      5. Point your camera to the QR code and scan it.

      6. After that type your Stake password and the 6 digit code from the app and click on Enable button below.
          (Always make sure you've typed the current code from the app)


All done! ;)


Alternatively, instead of scanning QR code, you can skip the 3. and 4. step by copying the code (long string of letters and numbers) above the QR image.


Go to Authy, click on the option Enter code Manually and paste the code. 



(You can use Google authenticator or any 2fa app you want. There are also similar extensions for desktop users)

After you've enabled it successfully, you would have to enter your 2fa code from the app every time you login to your account, make a withdrawal or make a vault withdrawal.

You will have the option to disable the 2fa yourself, if you still have access to your 2fa app. But in case you don't, you can always contact us on Live support to help you with it. :)

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thx for isntruction, this make the balance safe on our account right? can this be manipulated too? coz i see some post about scammer hackers, using qr code like they send you fake QR code that once you use, the balance will be transfer to them instead of the product you want to get or you are buying.

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The QR code you see when you click here: https://stake.com/settings/two-factor is unique and it will serve only for enabling the 2fa for your own account. And yes, this is an additional layer of protection for your balance, so we highly recommend enabling it.
If you are referring to depositing funds here by scanning QR codes, you'll need to scan only to the QR code you can find on your Deposit page on your Account, since only that one represents your deposit address here.

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