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Time for an actual multi!


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Now you know how to place a multi on Stake casino, how about we get ready for a multi that you’ll be able to place on Sportsbook! The hype is real and we are getting close!


In the upcoming weeks, the sporting events simply keep on coming. All you need to do is pick the winners of these events!

Gentlemen’s Singles - Wimbledon
Ladies Singles - Wimbledon
ICC Cricket World Cup
FIFA Women’s World Cup


Some of these events are at the halfway point, and some are yet to start. This makes it quite hard to predict, but that is the beauty of this giveaway.

It might be easy to pick a few of these, but can you really get that big win by picking the winners of four events? It is something sports punters absolutely love trying to do. There might only be one or two winners, which means a big win is on the cards!

Comment the winners of these events in this thread and win a share in $200. We are looking forward to seeing how many of you can get all of these correct! Remember you aren't just picking a name off this list! A little research might be required to enter correctly!



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