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hey guys,

Im in the mood for a fun giveaway. I made 25k satoshi from forum. 

just reply in this topic what game I need to play, what basebet, etcetra.  As soon as I see a fun one passing by I will pick it and do the bets as proposed in the reply. If I make any profits I will share up to 50% of the profits depending on the amount won. If I bust of course there will be nothin to share 

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4 minutes ago, yololife222 said:

dice 5x 1k base bet if u hawe 5 reds do martingale till you hit it

can bust within 10 bets I guess. 

1k 1k 1k 1k 1k  2k 4k 8k. so if 8 reds all balance is gone. not gonna do that 

2 minutes ago, Checkpoints said:

BlackJack with 10k Basebet its fun for u :)

lol possible bust with only 2 bets. I want to have some more fun for a longer time


18 minutes ago, ceastem said:

dice, 200 bb, 3x multi for 100 rolls increase 80 :D 


not familiar with dice and definitely not with multi. so have no clue how to enter those settings


16 minutes ago, williamshennie9 said:

500 rolls on plinko high risk 16, with a 200 satoshi base bet :D

im gonna go for the 500 plink rolls. maybe its my lucky day today 

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Whenever I play keno on Medium, I use 5 numbers that all signify someones birthday for me.
I hit all five numbers 5 different times today. In other words, hit the 390x multiplier 5 times.
The numbers are 3, 5, 18, 21, and 27. 
I'd be interested to know if they end up hitting for you! :)
Bet amount at whatever you see fit. :)

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I recommend you play poker diamont with a bet of 100 satoshi, every time you lose, raise the bet 2x, if you lose again raise your bet 2x, if the draw doesn't need to increase the bet. if you win, the bet returns to 100 satoshi. I did it today, only played a few minutes, from 5k satoshi to 14k satoshi. good luck

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