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Eddie 500$ Giveaway .. I'm choked

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So.. I love the giveaways that are offered here on Stake.com and PrimeDice.com.

Recently... Eddie has created a twitter account and had a 500$ giveaway... I did what he said.. I followed him and replied to his tweet with my usernames...

Well.... a few days later I log into twitter and see that he posted a list of winners, and if your name was on the list without username for Stake then you had 24 hours to reply to the tweet to get the prize....

That's not right... I had posted my username like he had requested already.... it's not my fault that he didn't see it or whatever happened there... and also I was never told it was my responsibility to check twitter once every 24 hours just to make sure that someone else didn't make a mistake on a giveaway I entered..

Please.. can someone get a hold of Eddie and have him look into this... I'm CryptoGarnerCom on Twitter;..  Ive tried to get a hold of him on there and in Stake chat.. but I'm just being ignored....

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Didnt know they had a time limit so to reply to them so to collect your prize. But maybe they made this rule as there are people who create multiple of these twitter accounts so to try and win so it is their way of filtering out the ones who do this. But yes, if you are an honest one participating in there and you actually are selected then you do deserve to not lose your prize due to not replying in time.

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