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What bitcoin project are you most excited about?

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13 hours ago, SuddenlyBroke said:

If bitcoin forks via strato count, I'm kind of excited about Obsidian. 

Looks very solid, and the anonymous messenger they are building looks like it will be 10x better than anything currently available.

What would you need a anonymous messenger for tho? Criminal activities, pedophile actions or just trolling in general?

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While searching today, I came across this nice game coindroid.


Here's some info about the game-

What is the game about.??

Coindroids is a game like no other. It is completely skill-based, played with coins, and played for coins.

Starting story- "It's the year 20XX, long since the original accounting droid, the EconoDroid, had been created by the humans. The droids have since learned quite a bit from their once squishy overlords and now conduct war purely with money, specifically the blunt ample math based instrument that are cryptocurrencies. Droids themselves have continued to evolve and cherish the horrible lessons they learned from their human masters, forming a new class of droid, Coindroids. This droid army understands two important lessons: that money is power, and that power is best exerted by launching it at high velocities at the enemy."


How to play the game..?? 

  • Sing up the game
  • Create your own Droid
  • Attack or Defend
  • Earn money by attacking or defending.

Items and Upgrade-





For more information visit the official site- https://www.coindroids.com/

Source- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=753447.0

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