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[GIVEAWAY] HighDamage 19 Years Old birthday!

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Hey guys! today is my 19th birthday ^_^ 

I want to celebrate it with the good Stakers here 

I already feel that I have gotten many new friends at Stake and I am very happy to meet you. And Since today is my birthday, and I have a challenge for you guys!  :) 

How to follow the Giveaways :

  • Comment to enter
  • Do not enter twice and any cheat :)
  • Post count must be or have exceeded 25
  • Post Warnings will disqualify you from this event
  • 1 person can win Maximum 1 Roll hunt
  • The finished rollhunt / someone has got it, can't be completed a second time.

1. Roll Hunt

  • Dice = Win a Bet ID that contains a roll number 19.19
  • Limbo = Get Payout 1919.19x in the limbo
  • Hilo = Get Cards 1 and 9 in the arrangement of cards (Must be 19 and there must be no card between 19) + Win
  • Keno = 1,9,11,19,21,29,31,39 Get 6/8 Hits or More ( High risk Payout 270x or higher )
  • Mines = 19 mines and 4 diamonds (Pattern you can specify yourself) 
  • Plinko = Get 4x Payout at Plinko with the End Id Bet 19 ( I suggest on High risk Pin 8 )
  • Blackjack = Tie with Dealer with number 19 ( Dealer = 19 , Player = 19 )
  • Roulette = Hit the number 19 Streak twice 
  • Video Poker = Get one of these options (Two pairs 1199 / Three of a kind 111 / Three of a kind 999 / Four of a kind 1111 / Four of a kind 9999)
  • Whell = Get a bet ID whose end is 19 in the 19.80x Payout (High Risk segments 20)
  • Diamond Poker = Win 3 of a kind with Bet id ending in 19
  • Baccarat = Win at Dealer / Banker 19 (However there must be cards 1 and 9 in the bet id) example = ( Player = 1 + K +Q , Dealer = J + 9 + 10 ) or other  (Prizes have been added to 5000 Satoshi due to very high difficulties (For Rollhunt Baccarat))

Prizes for each Rollhunt Winner = 3000 Satoshi

2. I will choose 5 random comments which will each get 2500 Satoshi ( Do not enter twice - (this means double posting) nor use multi accounts, you will all be caught, we track players before distribution. )

3. Don't Forget to React because I will randomly select 5 people who each get 2000 satoshi.

Thank you for your participation and Hope you guys have fun with the Giveaway that I held this time ^_^ .the winners will be posted the next day

Winners :

Winner of Random Comments :

1. @LilIntroVert

2. @chicotripa

3. @Okseo122

4. @jualid

5. @rajapalak

Winner of Random Reacts ( Only those who enter the top 5 win ) :


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Posted (edited)

Happy birthday!!!! i wish you the best day! have fun! 


KENO: 6,631,595,107

placed by Josenete on 24/06/2019


0.00000001 eth.svg




0.00000599 eth.svg


Edited by Josenete

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LIMBO: 6,631,709,977

placed by Caligula6 on 23/06/2019


0.00000004 eth.svg




0.00007673 eth.svg


username: Caligula6

Congratulations, I hope you have a great time 🥂🍕🍨🍧🍾🎈🎊🎉


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WHEEL: 6,633,394,119

placed by ghitagulas on 24/06/2019


0.00001919 ltc.svg




0.00036077 ltc.svg

!!!Happy birthday!!!

Stake username: ghitagulas

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Posted (edited)

Yeay ^_^ Thank you for your participation in enlivening Giveaway on my 19th birthday. I thank you very much, I hope you enjoy this giveaway. Good luck :D  I have edited the name of the Winner of Giveaway in my first post above

Congratz For Winners :) ( Tip Already Send to your Stake Account ) = 




Edited by HighDamage

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