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Stake Meme Contest 2!

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Who remembers the first meme contest at the start of the year? That one was a lot of fun and left everyone laughing so now it's time for the second Stake Meme contest!


🏆 Prizes for the funniest memes! 🏆

1st - $100

2nd - $50

3rd - $25

4th - $10

5th - $5



  • Memes must be related to Stake, crypto, gambling ect.
  • If using already popular pictures you must create original captions
  • No reposts or stealing memes. Original content only!
  • There's no maximum amount of memes you can post just don't spam
  • Don't edit new memes into old posts, make a new post




This contest will end in 1 week on June 30th!

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