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Is Bitcoin your top choice for Crypto?

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All right, let’s be honest here.

Show of hands, who prefers to still use BTC if it weren’t for the fact that it’s the top dog when it comes to Cryptocurrencies.

Personally, I feel that the time to complete a transaction and the fees make it unattractive for me sometimes as the other Cryptocurrencies actually offer way more in benefits and advantages as compared to Bitcoin.

My top choice (ignoring price) would be EOS! Who doesn’t like fast, free transactions along with a delegated stake of proof?! 😎

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I was always fan of older crypto projects like factom, nexus, maidsafe and a few others and have been following them for years. My favorites right now would be factom and nexus, because what they are trying to achieve is quite revolutionary with the satellite network which should finally happen next year.

The project is building quantum-resistant 3D blockchain in combination with communication satellites in space. Nexus has partnered with Vector Space Systems (Vector) to create a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Network of nodes. The satellites, in combination with the ground mesh network, will host the Nexus network as well as any decentralized apps (DApps) built on top of it. Primarily, the cubesat mesh network will exist to give Nexus worldwide coverage, but Nexus will also utilize its orbital and ground mesh networks to provide free and uncensored internet access to the world.

They never had an ICO and kept working on this for years. It's at least worth following. 2019 will be determinative for nexus, I hope they succeed!

I do hold and mine burst, because it's the only Proof Of Capacity coin worth a damn, and it actually can do everything and more then these other coins that use more resources. I also hold bitcoin, because as of right now the only way to buy most of these coins is by going threw bitcoin, which means it will always be on top until something major changes. Also in the public's perception bitcoin is sometimes the only crypto that exists.

Bringing it back to Burst I see it as the whole foods of crypto, once everyone realizes bitcoin is using up a shit ton of electricity and it is unsustainable, they will start looking for that green coin, that's why I think burst will take off. They are the only ones doing something different and they have succeeded in a lot of ways. Pretty much the most decentralized, lowest energy per transaction, can actually support the entire global economy worth of transactions and they pretty much have one goal, to become a cryptocurrency.

I find a lot of these coins out there have some weird ulterior motive or spin on how their coin will be used, burst is keeping it simple. The team over there are working hard and I feel like the reason the community is so passionate is no one is paying attention, we constantly see news articles about how bitcoin is using the same energy as an entire country and they have to build these massive ASIC farms inside of power plants, but these articles never mention Burst as the solution. Maybe one day.

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It will be always Bitcoin 👍

Fundamentally, Bitcoin is way strong than all other cryptocurrency. Remember it was invented solely for peer to peer payment network. With the implementation of Bitcoin lightning network it has evolved a lot. Now you can transfer 1 Satoshi with no extra cost. You can read more about it here - https://cointelegraph.com/lightning-network-101/what-is-lightning-network-and-how-it-works

Price wise Bitcoin is way above any other cryptocurrency and if you had invested $135 in 2010 the return on investment today would have been approximately 7,797.19%. I doubt any other cryptocurrency will ever give you that kind of a return.

I am not saying Bitcoin is the best, there are others like Ethereum, EOS, XRP who are way more better than Bitcoin technically. But, you cannot replace the Father with the Sons. Bitcoin is and will always be my favorite cryptocurrency. 

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I think that if Eos is as popular as Bitcoin, then it will have the same problems. I think Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency and it will remain for a long time. Next are ETh and Ltc. Other currencies are still very few people accept, I’m not talking about the calculation in the store.

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I used to be dead set on only btc simply because It's what I was familiar with,  But I've since been forced to become more familiar with  other crypto currencies & have realized that when it comes down to it there are better options.  I now lean towards Eth or Doge for the simple fact that the transactions are much faster & reliable then btc.

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hello friends its obvious price wise and trading wise btc always top of the all coins,all the crypto users first choice bitcoin its general.but there after btc some other coins who are technically better than btc like XRP,LTC,ETH and XLM also we like those coins too.one more if any one invest any amount on btc he/she will get high return within a short period that's also a reasons to like BTC.  

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I just love bitcoin as main currency because has more approach on the real markets from real life, as for many payment systems currently.

Also my alternative coin would be ethereum cause it looks like one of the most stable coins from everything else.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have a nice price stabilization as well and big volume per 24 hours which keeps me with it.

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My opinion, the king always will be Bitcoin, as a technology (blockchain) and as an investment.  To trading I don`t have preferences as I do my DYOR and trade any that likes me.  AS a coin to daily transactions I like Digibyte.  XRP will probably be an option if the banks switch from fiat to cryptos.  Good Luck.

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Personally I think any other alt is fine, as long as

1. you don't care about retaining value in the long term, you want to get a transaction done as fast as possible, for example you estimate you might hit it big or busto within a few days of deposit to stake - people who want fast fast fast transactions generally aren't the most patient when it comes to gambling either

2. you have an extremely low amount of money in crypto and do not mind risking or losing huge chunks of value, who cares if your $50 turns to $30 or $70, it's a low amount even though it's roughly a 40% move

3. you don't care at all about benefiting from the general movements of crypto/bitcoin, and just care about fiat only - many shitcoins have recovered or retained some value in fiat, while being outperformed by the bitcoin run, but it doesn't matter to you because you never plan to own any bitcoin in your life 

4. you constantly juggle minuscule amounts of crypto between many different services and wallets and websites, so a fee component with even the smallest flat amount is a pain point

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I have to say i love bitcoin but my top crypto currency to use has got to be ltc it gives you more for your money to play with plusssss its alot easier to build up i feel nervous when i gamble bitcoin its like handling a bomb lol u never know when its gonna go xD

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My top choice in thing of functionality and all i would go with dogecoin since it is has a very good transaction speed but in terms of price i would suggest litecoin than dogecoin . 

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I think bitcoin is great because it gave us blockchain, but I think ETH has more potential, ETH is my favorite coin at the moment for sure. In public it's always 'bitcoin' though when speaking with people that don't know about crypto some have heard of bitcoin, but never any other coins. Can't wait for the other coins to start getting more public awareness then hopefully crypto will gain even more momentum in public eye. 

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I just want to add that so far Bitcoin is the crypto of my choice.  No matter how far (down) we are going to be, the fact that this coin is the most important and that everything in the ecosystems goes around this coin makes me feel that is the correct one, and clearly it is.  Bitcoins is the one I will hodl for long time, no matter if right now I am for about to login into an exchange to trade coins, at the end of the day all will go to my BTC balance.  I am not a maximalist, I can hodl and trade almost any one ther, but bitcoin is bitcoin.  

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bitcoin is always a top choice for me, i mean what can be better than bitcoin its a leader of crypto and also price is higher than every crypto, if you can hold even a little amount of btc it can give you nice profit when ever price grows.

all other cryptos depends on bitcoin as well, so why to buy other cryptos for saving or trading or investing, but in gambling thing is diffrent in gambling you can play with any crypto and later you can convert in bitcoin.

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