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Plinko Bets vanishing since Maintenance

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I have been playing some Plinko this evening and keep noticing that where it normally shows my last 4 ball results off to the right of the pegs keep disappearing randomly?  It was not doin this last night before maintenance.  Sometimes it's blank, sometimes it shows the last 1, 2, 3 or 4 balls.  Not sure if it is just me or not?  I'm playing on Chrome if that makes a difference...





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that isssue has been going on for quite some time now already.....i had been having this issue since before the update. it would happen to me pretty frequently on plinko as well as keno. i talked to eddie about the issue, every time it would happen i would let him know but i would just receive answers like "oh its taken care of already" or "monday that issue is gonna be taken care of" but till this day it still continues to happen.....i would think the credits would be issued back but nope just just false hope that the  problem was really taken care of 


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52 minutes ago, Jelena said:

Hey there CntryBoy. :)

Could you, please, try to clear cache and cookies from your browser, since some old cache might causing this?

Let us know if this suggestion helped. 

I did try to do these things actually 3 or 4 times before I posted here, but it sill happens.  It's not constant though, it comes and goes.

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