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-4,840 satoshis and I did not do anything wrong.

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Hey everyone, 

  For a living in real life I write press releases for crypto projects. I got clearance long ago to share my press releases in the forum without being dinged as a copy and paste because it is syndicated content - that I personally write, and is not in anyway plagiarized at all. It is valuable content based around real projects and these get syndicated to FOX, NBC, ABC, Marketwatch and thousands of other sites.  

Please can the action on my account be undone? It shows that I owe satoshis for "copy and paste" when it is in fact one of my own press releases. 

We want valuable reads here in the forum right?  

Please help me. 

It is discouraging. 


Lori Brown aka LillyFlow 


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  Wow that really sucks that you'd be accused of plagiarism Lorilicious.  I know exactly how you feel.  I've been in a situation kinda like yours but a little different.  I was 17 years old it was my jr year of high school.  The high school i attended had a project that had to be done as part of their graduation criteria.  It was supposed to be a 12 page essay about an iconic, historic, or important person, place  thing, or event that you feel had an impact on your life, your lifestyle, or may have an impact on the outcome of your success or failure down the road.  So i chose to write a 12 page essay about a legendary baseball player and along with that an 8 page paper about how wooden baseball bats are made and then actually had to do the physical part of the project in which i fabricated a wooden baseball bat that met all requirements to be able to be used in a MLB baseball game.  Well at the time my advisor, my counselor, my coach and the athletic director were all pushing in an attempt to get my gpa and sat scores good enough to meet the requirements for acceptance at the colleges that were interested in my baseball talents.  So i really put a lot of time into the first 12 page essay, writing draft after draft just cleaning it up because i wanted to turn in the best paper possible.  I spent countless hours in different libraries getting as much  literature about the player i was writing my paper about possible.  Every piece of literature i read i made sure i listed in my reference page.  Not at any point of that paper did i plagiarize, everything written was my words and my words only.  When  i turned this essay in i was so proud of the final product, i felt it was the best essay i had ever wrote.  As everyone was receiving their essays back i noticed everyone had got theirs and i hadn't, so my english teacher called me over and she told me , "Eric i didn't give you yours back because there's an issue that me your father your baseball coach and the athletic director will go over today at 3:30 after school".  I couldn't think of anything i did wrong, so as class was going by i finally came to my own conclusion, "I wrote such a great paper that their gonna applaud my effort at this meeting".  Of course i was wrong, at the meeting i was told that last page of my essay was that of someone else's words and that the last paragraph was written way to perfectly to be written by myself.  So they accused me of plagiarism even after i sat there and tried to explain that it was my writing  and that they can look at my reference page and read through it all to see if any of it matched any of the writing in the  references.  At the end of the day they still made me go back and write the essay over changing the last page it was either leave it as is and receive an F which would drop my gpa tremendously or re write the last page.  So of course i did re write it and still received an A+.  But still till this day my old coach and my dad will bring it up about how i tried to cheat on my essay.  Haha i know it was a long story but i'm sure i feel the same way you feel, the only thing different is that i don't owe 4000 satoshis, i probably owe more then that to the group that  were trying to put me on the path to be as successful as possible.

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