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On 11/27/2017 at 2:57 PM, Andaman Tour said:

I want to share the fascinating facts about my country, Andaman and nicobar islands.Andaman & Nicobar, the land of gorgeous blue beaches and the silky sands is a perfect spot for a holiday trip. Andaman Tour Packages offers to experience the Sun-soaked beaches, coral reefs, spectacular seafood, the enchanting Islands etc. Experience some of the most blissful moments of life with Andaman packages. Some of the main specialities of Andaman are

1. The 'Andaman and nicobar' name is taken from the language MalayAndamanIslands.thumb.jpeg.3e0b2038a34b39a17d3b6200d15392b9.jpeg

The name 'Andaman' is assumed to be derived from the word Hanuman. And in Malay, it is also known as Handuman. The name Nicobar is from the term ‘Nakkavaram’ . 

2. The most widely spoken language on the islands is not Andamanese or Nicobarese


 The most widely spoken language on the islands is Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. 
3. The largest sea turtles in the world nest here


Hawksbill, Green turtle and world’s largest sea turtle, the Leatherback are in Andaman.

4.  Dugong, the state animal of Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Dugongs can be found grazing peacefully on seagrass in the warm coastal waters of the Andaman and Nicobar Island. 
5. Pandanus or Nicobar Breadfruit is a rare fruit found and widely eaten in Nicobar


Pandanus, an economically important plant in Nicobar.It  is a densely arranged, wedge-shaped fruit that has an immensely hard, woody and fibrous body in which several narrow, edible seeds are embedded. 
6. The only active volcano in India, the Barren Island, is present in the Andaman Islandsvolcano.thumb.jpg.41e3bdf6e0d09b68bd673fdf8345300a.jpg

7.  The largest living arthropod in the world, Birgus Latro or Robber crab, resides in the Andaman


8. The 20 rupee note depicts a scene from Andaman and Nicobar islands


The image of a picturesque bay lined with lush greenery captured on the red-coloured 20 rupees note is the North Bay Island and the same view can be seen on the way to Mount Harriet. 

9. Cellular Jail


10. Baratang in Andaman is the only place in India with mud volcanoes


11. Jal Hans, India’s first commercial seaplane was launched in the Andaman Islands


12. At Havelock Island, one can kayak through dense mangroves to reach the open sea


13. India’s southernmost point, the Indira Point, subsided by 4.25 metres during the 2004 Tsunami


14. Andaman and Nicobar Island has India’s first and only joint tri-service defence commanddefence.thumb.jpg.832ed6a4c1a82bf25e67f9ce681908fb.jpg

For more information visit http://andamantourtravel.com/

OMG ! Ye Mera INDIA ! WOW .. I really want to come to Andmaan .

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I wish to tell about the wonders of Dubai as it is my country where i would love to live. You might be heard of places that people must visit in Dubai as well as the places that are some of the most enjoyable places too to have a look on. Dubai has a specific list of these which will take you through a tour of awesomeness. You may be a person who is thinking to travel to Dubai for a long time then make it because i can assure you that you will enjoy your trip like no other trip you did in the lifetime.  Make sure that you all possible resources to get your trip in less cost with the help of coupon sites like Rezeem.com

Have a look on those beautiful places that you should visit



Al Serkal Avenue’s Cinema Akil.jpg

At.mosphere at Burj Khalifa.jpg

Bistro Bagatelle.jpg

Burj Khalifa.jpg

Dubai Coffee Museum.jpg

Dubai Opera.jpg

Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk.jpg

Fujairah Mountains.jpg

Global Village.png

Jabal Al Jais.jpg

Last Exit.jpg

Le Meridien Al Aqah.jpg

M.A.D.Gallery Dubai.jpg

Nikki Beach Dubai.jpg

Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque.jpg

Ski indoors in the desert.jpg

The Brasserie 2.0 Brunch.jpg

The Dubai Frame.gif

The Dubai Mall Fountains.jpg

Umm al Quwain wetlands.jpg

Weekends at the Al Ain Oasis.jpg

Zero Gravity.jpg

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