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HiLoBot - Hunt Unlimited Payout with Ease


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After latest stake maintenance old HiLoBot didnt working anymore
So i will try create new HiLo Bot, the bot will work same like the old one without multiple setting like the old one, the new bot will only do manual bet



To be able using the bot you have to paste the API Token into the bot in TextBox bottom of the bot


Press the login button after you put the API token, if you see your name in the left top of the bottom that means you already login


First Card

You can choose your first card 

  • Rank : A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K
  • Suit :
    • D : Diamond
    • H : Heart
    • S Spades
    • C : Club


There several pattern you can use for hunt 

  • 1 : Bot will pick Higher than previous card
  • 0 : Bot will pick Lower than previous card
  • 5 : Bot will pick Higher odds for next card
  • 4 : Bot will pick Lower odds for next card
  • 2 : Bot will pick equal card from previous card
  • 7 : Bot will skip the next card

ex: 1,0,1,0,5,4,2,7


  • This is still gambling. The bot is not guaranteed to win.
  • Please do not gamble more than you can afford to lose.
  • Certain actions from the server might also result in unexpected behavior.
  • I cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred while using the bot

- stake username: madcoin

Virus Total


Change Logs

v.1.2 :

  • Added speed bet ( milliseconds ) 
  • Added pause on payout ( will pause if found payout more or equal with ur setting )

Download Link

v.1.0.0 http://bit.ly/HiLoBot - Google Drive

v.1.2.0 http://bit.ly/HiLoBot_v_1_2 - Google Drive



If u have problems regarding the bot, try re-download the bot cause i update it if i found bug by myself. If the problem still exists please post in this thread or contact me via pm


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New update version
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Madcoin thank you so much, I have had so much trouble recently trying to get the old hilobot to work and it was really frustrating me that it wasn't. if you are able to make a new hilobot and fix this, it would be unreal and awesome because I would really like to give it a go! I know how much work goes into it, so I know that at least me really appreciates what you do for this community!

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1 minute ago, coeghacked said:

please report to madcoin when someone trying sell this bot :)

thanks you so much :) 

okay captains,let's together control this bot from someone who try to make any advantage from this bot by selling to other people

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