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Is taking loans worth it?

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My gambling journey started 4 years back when I won over 100 btc at PD and bustbit but unfortunately I lost all money in recovery process and took loans but nothing left. May be usome of you know me well I'm khash at PD and bustbit .Guys never ever take loan to gamble my personal experience I'm debt over $10 k so far and not even able to quit gambling . More you take loans more u lose so beware even God will not save us from this if we do this..  

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For gambling, loans are like coffins. Do gambling, only for entertainment. If u win, enjoy it. If loose, forget it.

When we think, to earn huge and it will help in our domestic life and play with a target, it adds tremendous pressure and it leads to wrong decisions. Ultimately loosing everything. Kindly refrain yourself from this mess.

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