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Bet Archive - Losing our recent Bet IDs.

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So recently Stake started archiving our bet ids after the recent 200 bet ids. I was aware of this, and had already asked support and got it clarified. She assisted me and I pointed out that from the archive file you cannot get your bet id from anywhere on it - even if you converted it online or to a text file. I don't really understand why the bet id can't be displayed in that file. Yes I understand archiving bets and it is totally fine, but is there a reason we can't get our bet ids from the archived file?

Also what is the delay on the bets, while going from the current bet ids to the archived file? Because I have noticed it does not update instantly or even few minutes after.

So with the Plinko Challenge out, I was rolling for a 420x. I cam few minutes after being afk and saw a huge jump in the live stats so was hoping the bet id was there in the last 200 bets. Firstly I accidentally placed a 10 sat bet and not a 100 sat bet so it doesn't matter this time around. But had I bet 100 sats and if I was looking for my bet id, and assuming that it is lost seems pretty scary. Yes, I believe if I contact support they could possibly help me find that bet id, or I hope so. 

But this seems like a hard task for as small as 200 rolls. I'm sure there are other users who like to hunt much bigger multipliers and would make it impossible for them to find their bet ids by themselves if they had been afk. 

There is also no stop after profit option and even if Plinko had it, it still isn't the easiest way. I find this quite a problem and obviously preferred the old way where we were able to look very far behind on our bet ids. Having it archived is a good move, but why not display the bet ids too? :/ 

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