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What is the best for playing stake cellphone or laptop

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For me, Stake is best played using computer. You won't feel restricted in computer because you can play while chat is open, you can see bet ids by just scrolling down from whatever game mode you are playing, and many more advantages. Though Stake is fully functional using mobile, I feel like there is so much clicking needed just to do a thing when playing in mobile.

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On 7/6/2019 at 12:36 PM, Jendel said:

Which is the best used for playing stake cellphone or laptop

I am on my cell phone 99% of the time while I am on Stake.   I am always on the go so rarely do I have time to grab my laptop to go on Stake.    It is much nicer when on laptop though I must say.   Bigger screen.   Can chat and bet at the same time.  

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I really admire users who play on mobile. I personally enjoy big display and it will always stay like that.
Just can't imagine when I need to guide user through some stake options, and I need to send him some screenshots, to do it via mobile...
Bigger is better in my case. :)

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I would choose a desktop PC with a large monitor, as I find it the most convenient option. If you are interested in the choice between a laptop and a mobile phone, then I think it is better to pay attention to the laptop. It's really hard to pick a good laptop though. Recently I helped my sister in choosing her new laptop and realized that now there is a huge number of the same type of models that can not catch on. If you want to buy a new laptop, then I advise you to read a few articles from the site https://gadgetguide.in first. I think this will help you well. Good luck with your choice and, most importantly, remember that mobile gaming is evil!

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