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Keno isn't worth it in my opinon. How about yours?

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Hey guys, I was playing a bit of keno yesterday for the challenge and for fun. at the highest on the challenge I hit a 30x, and for fun, I was going for 4 numbers on high settting. Which could either hit a 10x or a 259x. for over 45 rolls I didn't hit a 10x. At closest I hit 2 tiles when needing 3 or more. I was frustrated at this and I am thinking keno is kind of a waste of time and effort.

I never seem to win on it, in my opinion, it is the most less profitable game mode on site not including baccarat and diamond poker but even then , on diamond poker you got a better chance of winning. In my experience.

What do you guys think. I Think keno isn't worth it I think it is the worst game mode on site.

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in my opinion 10 tiles isnt worth playing.

but on 4-6 tiles with high risk for me its worth playing.

i guess my most HR hits came from keno 4 tiles on highrisk with  a x259 multiplier

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Keno is designed to actually hunt the largest payout, that's why you need balance for A LOT of bets since the chances are low. 10x here doesn't mean you will hit it in average 10 hits. In games with many payouts you have to prepare that most of the time you are gonna be losing and eventually you would hit the big payout and recover all the previous losses, or no.

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I have all Stats Red on my Account. 

And on all games

Yet still I am Green on my keno stats. Around 14+ Ltc. Tho. 

In my honest opinion keno is the most profitable game on this site. 

After the update of getting added higher multipliers it's been way more productive and profitable. 

You can't just do some 50 bets or a little number of Bets and declare it as less profitable. 

Hitting any multiplier even if it's a lame 2x is not just a piece of cake. 

I guess you haven't ever struggled to get a 2x with 10+ reds maybe? 🤔

Well sometimes you hit a 259x in like less than 10 rolls. Sometimes it takes time. 

So does any other game you might hit real quick or it may take some time. 

But for me keno has always been a savior. 

Good luck with Keno give it some time play around a little lol change the settings you might have some good wins there hopefully 💕🤞🍀

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