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nattekut's WSOP main event

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Hey stakers, as some of you knew I won a WSOP main event entry ticket with a 10,000USD value a couple weeks ago

 So 3-4 days ago I took of to Vegas. I played some cashgames the first 2 days I was there before I joined the main event. So this is what happened my first days in the main event.

Firstly it already is the main event that I will never forget. I played 5 with this one included and this one was the first one that was paused due to an earthquake. There was an earthquake with a 7.1 magnitude. The center of the earthquake was somewhere in California but here in Vegas we felt it very good. It even was so heavy that the tournament director and the rio director decided to pause the tournament for 2 hours to check the building. So it was already a little exciting beside the poker action.

This 2019 main event is beside 1 the largest main event ever with a little over 8200 entrants. So a huge field to bead but well as long as we have some fun then its ok.


Day 1 was one with ups and downs but I manage to survive day 1 and ended up with 2.5x my start stack.

Day 2 went much better and closed the day within top 100 of the remaining player field. At this moment day 2c is happening so I have a day off. But still after finishing day 2c I expect to still be ranked within the top 100 max top 150 of the remaining field.

So on day 3 we will start chasing at least a min cash which will be something around 15,000$ I guess...… so wish me luck guys. 


unfortunately that stake wasn't interested in some kind of sponsorship deal. I played almost 4 hours on a featured table with live broadcasting 100+ different countries and I had an interview with a huge online poker news site. Stake would have seen by thousands of people already ….. 😪

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small update. We are in day 4 of the main event and I still am within the top 100 players. Lets go for a cash. Very healthy stack to play without stress.

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update day 5.

Everything is going well peeps. today we reached the money bubble. I wasn't nervous to reach that point cause I had a more than healthy stack and almost entire tournament I am within top 150-200. So I had a very good stack to reach the money. I even increased my stack and at this moment I build my stack almost to 1,000,000 chips which still holds me within top 100 of the remaining player field.

By reaching the money I am already guaranteed a 15,000$ cash. but we are aiming for more.

See ya guys for net update. Vegas is calling me

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