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Anyone familiar with LTC to USD quick fast methods, direct to bank or prepaid card

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I am looking for a service like Bitpay but for for LTC. Honestly its the BTC fees that kill the whole things for me and keep me every from withdrawing cause fees are so high and i end up busting..

So long story short... if i have LTC what are my best options and methods for having that converted into USD and either sent to my bank account (im okay with verifying  ID with legit places online) or to a prepaid debit card like how bitpay does?

So from my research i found this....

taken from their site directly:

Litecoin Debit Card | UQUID

Litecoin debit card uquid is reloadable visa debit card with high limit. All Countries APPROVED.

Does anybody have any experience with this company? Apparently they do a lot more that just LTC to debit/prepaid car loading.. It almost seems too good to be true heh, is there a catch im missing or something? 

your feedback, input and ideas are appreciated.
Have a nice day!

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