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Do you think certian youtubers/streamers stage thier *winnings*?

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personally i think that most youtubers and streamers obviosly want views money clicks what ever ok but theres no denying that they overexagerate a win or stage there winnings im not supprised they do it because obviolsy its clicks money and clicks and all that but most of them are actualy so fucking like they have no morals the fact they do that just to get money is sad its just a shame the world has come to stuff like this idk maybe im over reacting but it really pisses me off man like for real sorry for spelling but i dont give a . fuck xD tell me what you guys think?

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There's no way to stage winnings from the casinos side because that would involve giving out hashes to future rolls/giving the player a unfair advantage. No casino (no popular casino) is willing to risk there Rep and Income for a couple minutes of fame on a youtubers channel. It's unlikely that any youtuber stages there winnings. A classic example is MrBeast winning on a crash site, he won I wanna say 60 BTC in a few hours. Now given the fact that it was a lot easier to win on that site back then, I don't doubt that it was just an extreme bout of good luck. Or let's call it good karma in his case.

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