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what do you guys think of the uk?

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well lets start things off i am british and i really would love to see what u guys think of the uk heres a few things you can expect if you come to england 

Bars have the coolest architecture style, even if the bar is built recently they sort of still preserve the old-fashioned look

Reserved people but not as reserved as you think, but very different than people I’m used to interact with (Australians, with their outspoken and can-do attitude)

Friendliness, politeness and the ability to queue. Hands down, it’s very difficult for me to pick any country that tops England/UK on these three. Kudos!

Class system, This is the thing I don’t get, I sensed a strong class system in England, probably not as bad as it was a decade ago but I felt it.

People talk about the weather like they talk dirty, They (obliviously) love it.

English people bitch about their weather but you just don’t know that you have a great weather! Why do you think everything is so green in the UK? Summer in England is amazing (Welsh people dress weirdly during mild summer though). Try living in Middle East, Africa or Australia with the heat, or South East Asia with high humidity.

People complain A LOT, especially about the govt. In all honesty, things work just fine but English people just have propensity of complaining

Heaps of different accents! (Liverpool and geordie one still baffle me though)

Living in Australia I thought we knew what ‘multi-cultural’ is, until I landed in London. London makes Melbourne and Sydney seem so homogeneous. I feel like in London, everyone is from somewhere else other than London.

Everything gravitates towards London, London is pride. I don’t like this idea.

South Asian cuisine (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) is particularly divine, to die for, mouthwatering, whatever you wanna call it. But hard to find authentic East Asian food.

Strong affinity towards Kiwis, Aussies, South Africans and Canadians.

English people roll their eyes when they see American spelling. lets see yours guys opinion on the uk :D

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Posted (edited)
Just now, DarkBlood069 said:

Lovely country, I live in this country. London is a lovely place, lots to see and lots to do.


Please on the other hand relate to Stake topics, this belongs in general discussions. Thanks.

oh shit i put it on the wrong topic setting whoops lol


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Well, I mean, I live here and i think it's decent. I think also that many people have bad views of the UK and also I know that many people around do like the Uk accents tho :D

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UK has been there building the world social history.  A country full of uses and customs.  Big Ben birthday is near by, sadly is on maintenance, right?  Your tea day hour and your "on time" world promotion are legends among all the world.  I like it very much.  Country is green, cold and beautiful.  

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I love the UK very much and done lots of business over there. Its just a very nice country with very nice people. and of course soccer. They have by far the best teams and by far the best atmosphere in the stadions. Recent 5 years lot of countries are following the UK example with people sitting straight next to the pitch, no bars in front. 

But I have to apologise myself for following. The one thing I really dislike about the UK is that 95% of their beers suck. There is nothing better than a good Belgian beer. If you are used to Belgian beers than all others suck aswell as the UK beers

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I hate and like UK.

My sister once worked as a nurse in UK. She worked more hours than she was supposed to earn more and also because the other english nurses are always absent and she always filled in their positions. After months of doing this, rumors began circling around that us pinoy OFWs are stealing jobs from other english nurses. The filipino nurses got deported one by one. My sister was lucky enough to be in the cinemas when people were looking for her and avoided being deported. After hearing what happened to the others, she immediately resigned and booked a ticket back here to philippines. (I was quite young at the time but this is how i remembered it)

That's why I hate UK.

Although I like it because of the weather, places to visit, history behind it, etc. :D

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