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Sort/Filter option for bet history

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5 minutes ago, HappyBitcoin said:

Just what the title says! 

I don't know about you guys but I play on mobile a lot and scrolling thro the hundreds of pages of bets is killer! 

Sorting option would be amazing ex win, lose, bet, date etc 

Please PLEASE add this to stake! 


A sort or filter option would be greatly appreciated for not just for bet history but for all areas of stake like tip log etc. It is very cumbersome sorting thru tons of data on a phone or tablet.

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If you mean the bets of all games like if you have to click on the game and see them. Then I think this wont be possible, cause from what I know stake only safes like 8 or 9 sites of bets and deletes the rest. So "favorite bets" would disappear by time.

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