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Forever Winning! Up to $585 in Prizes! (CLOSED)

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Stake has updated to where this giveaway can no longer be fully completed as intended. If there's enough requests for a really hard giveaway like this again I can make a new one.

Who has what it takes to complete the challenge of all challenges and win a prize? In this giveaway we're going to win every game on Stake in a row without losing! The first 3 people to post a video on this thread will win!


💰 Prizes with bets ($0.10 min per game, 10 cents)

1st - $175

2nd - $175

3rd - $175


💸 Prizes for no bets (0 bets)

1st - $75

2nd - $75

3rd - $75


🏆 Winners






  • Win every mini challenge listed below in a row without losing and in order.
  • Record the win in a video and post it here.
  • The first 3 people to complete this challenge win.
  • 1 win per person. At least 10 post count to enter.
  • Commentate your video and win an extra $5
  • Use your video camera and win another extra $5



The challenges


Game 1: Dice

Settings: Payout 9.9x, 10% win chance. Roll under or over is up to you.



Game 2: Limbo

Settings: 5x payout and 19.8% win chance.



Game 3: Hilo

Settings: Win at least 3x



Game 4: Keno

Settings: Win at least 4x on Keno, medium risk.



Game 5: Mines

Settings: Win at least 6x



Games 6: Plinko

Settings: High risk, 16 Rows. Don't hit 0.2x



Game 7: Blackjack

Settings: Just win!



Game 8: Roulette

Settings: Win with a chip on any of the follow numbers: 0, 3, 1, 14, 17, 20, 32, 34, 36



Game 9: Video Poker

Settings: You've come far. Now win at least 2x!



Game 10: Wheel

Settings: Let's take it easy now. Win 1.20x. Simple right?



Game 11: Diamond Poker

Setting: Beat the diamond dealer. No ties ;) 



Game 12: Baccarat

Settings: Win 2x! Don't lose here! :)




Game 13: Crash

Settings: You & at least 2 others must win 2x or higher at the same time! Win yet another extra $10

You do not have to complete this Crash challenge to win. It's just something extra to go for after you've already won.



I'll be trying to make a winning video for this too. Good luck because you'll need it :) 

If you're commentating feel free to post any funny reactions!









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11 minutes ago, Paecga129 said:

What in the actual.   Steve are you nuts !!!!


the prize for this should be $1000!!!


i think you have possibly lost your mind.    And I am concerned.    


6 minutes ago, bmg said:

lol I agree with you @Paecga129

I think I put more time into thinking about the prizes than the actual challenge lol with the amount of people who attempt it people will win. It's like when the Telegram challenge is 70k Limbo and someone wins in 2 seconds.


7 minutes ago, Darkai said:

for the first couple, do we have to hit them first try?

It has to be all in a row

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